Sunday, August 27, 2017

Excited for NASA Co-Op: Houston Flood Edition

I was supposed to start my fourth NASA Co-Op tour Monday August 28th. However, mother nature had other plans. Houston has been pelted by the byproduct of Hurricane Harvey which has already devastated Corpus Christi and Galveston. The International Space Station (ISS) even captured a picture of Harvey from space. Today August 27th, Houston has experienced record breaking flooding and unprecedented destruction of homes. I have been using Snapchat's Maps (pinch with your fingers like you zoom on your phone) feature to watch Houston Residents' snap stories about flooding in their area. I am fortunately located in a neighborhood with excellent water management. I have power, the house is dry, and the streets around the house are dry. I have over a week of calories, water, candles, ice, and device chargers. Fellow NASA Coterns were not as lucky with flooded cars. Today there was minimal rain, however, the nights bring more rain due to the drop in temperatures.

As illustrated in the screenshot NASA's Johnson Space Center (JSC) is closed Monday. JSC's closure will be reevaluated daily as flooding is very dynamic. "Mission Essential Personnel" are working to insure the astronauts on ISS are safe. In the mean time I have received my work plan from my mission control team OSO (Operations Support Officer). OSO is like the MacGyver of mission control. They brainstorm ways to repair and build real-time. OSO demonstrated Apollo 13 like problem solving after a micrometeoroid shield was inadvertently lost during a spacewalk. Some of the items on my work plan include; writing a software test plan, astronaut simulation development, and observing dynamic flight operations/ astronaut training.

To come tomorrow - real ways to help coastal Texas and surprising lessons learned from Harvey.